Miley Cyrus Biker Babe

And afternoon yesterday (January 14), Hannah Montana, the child has been seen tooling around her neighborhood for his 2-wheel racing.. Although shes been sixteen for a couple of months now, Miley Cyru isn t too cold to take the old bike for a ride from time to time.

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Freida Pinto Left Red Faced After Meeting Angelina Jolie With Her Mouth Full

Speaking bad times, I stuffed my face with a pastry and Angelina comes walking up to me and says: Good job, Contactmusic quoted as exclaiming. The star Slumdog Millionaire was surprised to see Jolie at a dinner in Los Angeles, but as she has not had the courage to talk to her, she made her way to the buffet instead. She was so absorbed in the food that he never noticed the Tomb Raider star making his way towards her. Indian actress Freida Pinto was left red-faced after he met his idol Angelina Jolie actress, as his mouth is full of pastries at the time.

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Tiger Quot Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

Open playoff victory over Rocco Mediate.. Friday marks exactly seven months since Woods hit a significant blow in its epic 19-hole U.S. This is considered a major step forward for the return of Tiger, the largest in history until invisible golf Tiger Wood actually hits a ball in competition.

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Jessica Biel Hits The Links

Jessica Biel But yesterday it emerged that hes is not unique in their relationship that enjoys a good game of golf. The 7th Heaven hottie was detected close to be driven in a golf cart at a swanky golf course in Pasadena, California, with an eye to focus on his face.. Usually her that her boyfriend see Justin Timberlake hit the links.

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Gossip Girl Divorce Gets Even More Dramatic

The child custody battle is HEATED! Daniel Giersch, the first to be ex-husband Gossip Girl pregnant star Kelly Rutherford, spoke about the divorce proceedings through his lawyer and said: Ultimately I want both my children to have a stable environment. Giersch claims documents filed in court that Rutherford Gossip Girl work makes life inadequate [...]

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